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8 of the Best Hiking Trails in Northern Utah

8 of the Best Hiking Trails in Northern Utah

October 10, 2022

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Utah has some of the most spectacular hiking trails in the United States. Thousands of trails allow you to explore the incredibly diverse and stunning scenery across mountains, forests, and canyons that dominate the landscape. There are seemingly endless possibilities when choosing the perfect hike. If you’re around the northern Utah area, we’ve put together a list of some of the most popular and stunning hiking spots around perfect for every experience level. 

1. Adam’s Canyon Trail

This scenic out-and-back 3.8-mile trail is accessible year-round. Usually, it takes about three to four hours to complete. The trail starts with pretty moderate switchbacks and beautiful views of the valley before reaching the canyon entrance. The trail follows the creek that leads up to a stunning 40-ft waterfall. This trail is a pretty popular option due to the accessibility and the shade once you enter the canyon.

2. Crimson Trail

For the more experienced hiker, Crimson Trail is one of the best hikes to check out the fall foliage but is easily enjoyed anytime during the year. The 4.7-mile trail loop is located near Logan, Utah, and has a steep initial climb up the canyon to the top of the limestone cliffs of the China Wall. The views before you descend are indescribably breathtaking views of the Logan Canyon before you head back down the canyon floor. 

3. Bald Mountain Summit Trail

The iconic bald mountain hike is a 5-mile hike in the High Uintas. Once you reach the top, you have great views of the High Uintas and the Wasatch Range, plus dozens of lakes and water features. The views throughout the entire hike are spectacular, but there isn’t shade, so be sure to bring sunscreen. Even better, get to the trailhead and take on this hike as a sunrise hike, where you will be treated to an unforgettable sunrise experience. 

4. Bicentennial Trail

The 4.0 mile out and back trail is generally considered a challenge but not one of the hardest hikes in northern Utah. There are a few steep climbs, but the shaded hike is well worth the effort. You might encounter a few mountain bikes along the way, but the trail generally has lower foot traffic than many other trails in the area. The lower traffic means more opportunities to spot wildlife in the area.

5. Blacksmith Fork River Trail

Hiking the Blacksmith Fork River Trail is a 4-mile easy trail that follows the Blacksmith Fork River. The trail is a fun, family-friendly hike that offers sweeping canyon views and beautiful foliage along the way. The trail is popular among trail runners and bikers alike but is perfect for when you don’t want to work too hard to get some incredible nature walks in. 
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6. Donut Falls Trail

Aside from having a fun name, Donut Falls Trail is a 3.3-mile out-and-back trail and is an easy, family-friendly hike near Salt Lake City. The trail is located in the expansive Uinta Wasatch Cache National Forest. It’s an easy hike with an incredible reward ending in a unique waterfall. The waterfall descends from what appears to be a donut hole and forms a small pool in the cave.

7. Cherry Peak Trail

If you’re looking for a challenging all-day hike, then look no further than Cherry Peak Trail. The 9.7-mile out-and-back trail starts at the Cherry Peak Resort, a popular winter skiing spot. The real challenge is the steep climb towards the end, which offers 360 views of sweeping vistas and rock formations. This trail is not for beginners or the faint of heart, so be sure to be prepared with plenty of food and water to fuel yourself during this challenging hike.

8. Wild Rose Trail

The 2-mile loop is an easy hike for all experience levels located north of Salt Lake City. Perfect for the family, with plenty of viewpoints and benches for you to sit and enjoy nature. The trail is well maintained, easy to follow, offers views of North Salt Lake, and can be completed in under an hour. Perfect for when you need a quick adventure.
Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just starting out, this list can get you started in exploring some of the incredible landscapes Utah has to offer. Be sure to research the weather and plan your trip there and back before you go to help prevent you from getting lost. Take along your favorite hiking snack and don’t forget plenty of water, and always take trash with you to leave no trace.