Warranty Services

Warranty Services

Warranty Services Requests

Visionary Homes is an award-winning home builder that is owned and operated right here in Utah.

Welcome home and thank you for building with Visionary Homes. We value all of our Visionary family members and are anxious to assist you with your Warranty Service Request.

We are here to assist you with your claims and any questions you might have. To start, please visit the link below and download the “Warranty Manual” to educate yourself as to what falls within the warranty guidelines. Once you have done this fill out the form below.

In order to process your claim more quickly, be sure to submit pictures of the items that you are looking to have addressed. This will expedite the process and assist us and our contractors in quickly diagnosing and resolving your concern.

Below is a step by step process of what will occur next.

  • We will personally contact and set a time to review your warranty claims.
  • If your warranty claim falls within the warranty guidelines, we will issue a work order to the appropriate contractor.
  • The contractor will then call and schedule a time to make the repair.
  • We will then follow up with you and make sure the item was completed within a two to three-week time frame.
Multi Family Warranty Agreement Multi Family Warranty Agreement

Warranty Emergencies

Warranty resources after regular business hours are limited. Please call only if you have a true emergency. Emergencies include a furnace that is not working, a significant or damaging plumbing leak, or other emergencies that may be life-threatening or cause excessive damage to your home. Please try to minimize the damage as much as possible before calling our emergency number.

For Emergencies Only Please Call 435.265.8542


If you have a Warranty Claim, concern, or question, use the form below to submit your information. Be sure to include photographs of your claim so that we can address your claim more quickly.

In case of a household emergency, your first step should be to protect your family from harm. After that, take steps to correct or mitigate the effects of the emergency issue. For example, damage from a water leak can be minimized by turning off the water to a particular fixture or turning off the water main to your home as soon as possible before contacting the appropriate party to fix the damage.

Visionary Homes defines household emergencies as issues that require immediate attention to protect you and your family from harm or to avoid damage to your personal property, home, or land.

If you do not get an adequate response from the appropriate trade partner, call our Warranty Department at the 24-hour emergency number: (435) 265-8542

If your situation does not fall within the emergency guidelines, utilize the form below to submit a Warranty Claim. However, if you believe that a delay in responding to a written request could result in further damage, please also call the trade partner that did the work or our emergency line.

After submitting a Warranty Claim a Warranty Representative will contact you within two business days.

It is our policy to complete repairs and replacements as quickly as possible from the date your request is processed. At times, due to circumstances that are beyond our control, some repairs may take longer. Delays can be caused by inclement weather, homeowner scheduling conflicts, shortage of materials, back-ordered parts, and labor problems. Your Warranty Representative will keep you informed of work scheduled.

You may submit a Warranty Claim anytime during the 1 year warranty period after closing on your home. We do not set a limit on the number of requests you make and ask that you submit a Warranty Claim as soon as possible after an issue is discovered.

Certain items, like water damage and/or leaks, must be reported immediately upon discovery to prevent further damage.

Refer to the Warranty Manual linked about for more specific detailed information.

By utilizing the Visionary Homes Warranty Claim form, you will be able to easily submit your warranty claims. 

We do not limit the number of items or times you can submit issues. We want you to be happy with your home and hope that you will submit your issues as they occur.

Please review the Visionary Homes Warranty Manual for more information. If you have a concern and believe that your issue should be covered by the Visionary Homes Warranty please submit a Warranty Claim.


Fill out the form to submit a warranty claim request. Please provide a detailed description of the item you would like addressed.