Simple Tips to Prep Your Home for Winter

October 9, 2015

Up here in northern Utah, it’s no secret that we live in an area that gets its fair share of cold weather during the winter. Fortunately, there is still enough time and warm weather to prep your home for the winter cold without simply cranking your heat and running up your gas bill.

1. Clean and clear out your gutters

Gutters 2
Gutters collect build up over the summer and fall. Unless they are thoroughly cleaned out you put your home at risk to water and ice dams that will negatively affect your drainage systems and can lead to water seeping into your home. Such a problem is more than just about the cold, but leads the way to rotting wood and mold damage.

2. Check and proof all seals on windows, doors, and gutters

During our extreme temperature changes, the caulking in your home really gets put to the test with expansion and contraction of the materials it has been adhered to. Take a few minutes and check all the caulkings around windows, doors, gutters and all exterior electrical boxes to make sure that the caulks are in good shape. Clean and reapply in any weak spots. Some caulks will not adhere to old caulks or itself and may require a little extra work. A little super glue can help solve that problem. Apply some super clue to the areas of caulk that need repaired, let dry and then apply additional caulk to seal the holes.

3. Seal and insulate ducts and pipes

Often ducts and pipes are tucked away within the walls or basement, so it’s easy to forget about these. You can lose a lot of your heating if your ducts aren’t properly sealed and insulated, allowing the heated air to move through your house. Having these properly sealed can greatly reduce your energy bill as you’ll get more out of your venting system. Visionary Homes takes the time to properly seal ducts and pipes at the time of construction, and if there is ever a problem you can contact us for help.

4. Reverse your ceiling fan

Not many people think about this, but if you have a ceiling fan you understand its purpose in conditioning air and directing it downward. If you reverse the rotation of the blades you are able to circulate warm air throughout the room.

Now besides these tips there are always more, and sometimes unusual, ways to keep your house warm. Check out this Huffington Post article showing just that: 9 Unusual Ways to Keep Your Home Warm Without Turning Up the Heat

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