Styling Series: How to Style Your Bedroom Similar to Our Prominence Point Townhome Model Owner’s Suite

Styling Series: How to Style Your Bedroom Similar to Our Prominence Point Townhome Model Owner’s Suite

May 13, 2021

Welcome back to another addition to our Styling Series, where we feature similar furniture and decor pieces styled in our model homes. If you ever struggle figuring out what furniture or decor to add into your new living space or are looking for a bit of change to your current space, follow along with us on this series.

Today, we're sharing with you similar decor items to our Prominence Point townhome model owner's suite. This stunning owner's suite showcases a modern aesthetic with Scandinavian style influence, from the sleek furniture to the earthy and neutral tones throughout. The decor perfectly complements the bold wallpaper that adds so much interest into the room, by remaining subtle and providing a relaxing, calm effect.

Browse below to view similar items we found for your inspiration to decorating your new or current home!

styling series, prominence townhome
styling series, prominence townhome

Adding a natural wood texture into your bedroom brings visual interest to your bedside but also matches with just about any other decor you choose to decorate with later on. A nightstand with three drawers also creates additional storage space that you may need for keeping your nighttime essentials, from books, reading glasses, jewelry boxes, and more.

Any decor that's metallic will add a classic touch to your space, whether a table lamp or wall art. You can also easily find smaller decor items in silver, gold, rose gold, or other metallic tones, from vases to candles, to place throughout your bedroom.

Adding a sleek accent into the space is the black metal bed frame. The simplicity of the bed frame next to the wood textured nightstands create perfect balance. This one we found is very similar to the bed frame in our townhome model.

Have you been seeing round mirrors everywhere now? We've seen them multiple times on our social feeds, from influencers to interior designers, and we also love the simple look they add to just about any room. We found this one similar to the mirror in this bedroom from Amazon. Thank you, Amazon!

styling series, prominence townhome

Feature muted tones in curtains, pillows, or throws. These curtains are also room darkening, for an overall functional and stylish addition to your bedroom.

Put your plants on display throughout your bedroom with cement styled floor pots for a corner of the room, to metallic succulent pots for your bedside table.

Sleek gold hardware to your white dresser will definitely give a modern glow to your bedroom. Keep the tabletop uncluttered by organizing only a few items on it, such as a stack of books on one side and a lamp on the other, or a picture layered behind another on one side and a jewelry box on the other.

Another easy way to decorate your bedroom is by finding beautiful artwork from Etsy or your local thrift shop. Place in wood picture framed to emanate a Scandinavian interior style.

Subtle and small print on your bedding can also complement the other decor picked out for your room, by not becoming a distracting element, but rather, a beautiful one.

Hanging wall art is a fun way to incorporate your preferred interior style. This geometric metal art piece gives an otherwise empty wall visual interest.

styling series, prominence townhome

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