5 Reasons to Buy a New Home

April 14, 2014

New vs. Used

Today we would like to share a few advantages of purchasing a new home over a used home. As a home builder you may think we are a little biased but take a minute and read on and see if you don’t agree.

1. Customization

There’s no place like home! and what could be better than making it the perfect fit for you and your family before you even step foot into it!! New home buyers can choose a design that is best suited to their family’s way of life and budget. Then the real fun begins as you choose colors, floor coverings, cabinets, countertops, etc. Don’t worry if you have trouble making decisions or if you aren’t sure of “your personal style” we have a Design Specialist who will guide you through the whole process and help you realize your specific home dreams. When you are finished you will have a home that is exactly what you want.

2. Energy Efficient

New homes built today are required to meet current building codes which are much more detailed and strict than in times gone by. Visionary Homes employs new techniques in sealing and insulating homes that make our homes more efficient than homes built just a few years ago. These techniques also make it easier to keep your home cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.

3. Maintenance Costs

There is real peace of mind that comes with purchasing a new home. Everything is new to you and with Visionary Homes one year roof to foundation warranty you will not have additional expenses to just keep your home operational the way most existing homes require on a month to month basis. In addition with each Visionary Home comes with a detailed maintenance guide, which outlines how to care for your new investment.

4. Warranty

Most new homes come with a one year warranty. Here at Visionary Homes we have so much confidence in our trade partners and their products we extend the warranty to two years on all systems in our homes. This is just one more reason to purchase a new home.

5. Safety

Homes built today have safety features that weren’t even available in older homes. These combined with all the other features listed above make a convincing argument for the benefits of purchasing a new home over a used home.

As a long time trusted builder in Logan and all the Cache Valley area we invite you to call or stop by and give us an opportunity to help you with your new home. With uncompromising quality, integrity and craftsmanship, we are able to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

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