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Designing a Parade Home Kitchen

Designing a Parade Home Kitchen

February 26, 2024

As you’re trying to decide which kitchen upgrades are most worth investing in and how to appear updated to current trends, there is no replacement for industry-expertise. Read further to learn about the specific kitchen features chosen by design consultant Austrie Messer for our Utah Valley parade home.


For a warm and inviting feel, Austrie selected a beautiful Shaker Walnut Natural finish for the cabinetry. For the countertop, she chose Calacatta quartz. Known for its beauty and durability, Calacatta quartz is a perfect choice for the busiest room in the house. Rice Glazed Porcelain backsplash is a subtle yet eye-catching choice that ties the whole look together. Meanwhile, Oak flooring provides a neutral, elegant foundation to complement the entire aesthetic.

Focal Points

The hood is a place where the eye is naturally drawn in every kitchen, so we crafted a beautiful Shiplap Box Hood. Not only does it serve its practical ventilation purpose, it also adds a touch of sophistication to the kitchen's aesthetic. It's the little details like these that elevate your entire space.

Kitchen Layout

his layout is what we like to call the "H kitchen." It provides ample storage space, with upper and lower cabinets fully surrounding the perimeter of the kitchen and additional storage in the island. Cooking enthusiasts will love the craftsmanship of the drawers surrounding a beautiful gas stove. In addition to these standard features, upgrade options include decorative panels, floating shelves, added dividers, and a lazy susan within the cabinetry.


One upgrade worth mentioning is the microwave placement. Typically, it would find its home along the perimeter cabinetry, but we opted for a sleeker look by integrating it into the island. It's a small change that makes a big impact on both aesthetics and ease of use.


We hope you enjoyed these insider design insights of this incredible kitchen, from beautiful standard features to some fantastic upgrades. Until next time, happy cooking and happy designing!