Energy Efficiency in Your New Visionary Home

June 24, 2013

There are many checklists that new home owners, realtors, inspectors, and building experts will create and complete throughout the process of building new homes. One of the largest concerns of many people who choose to build their home is how energy efficient it is. Energy efficiency in your new visionary home is vital to creating a long-lasting relationship with your new home. Those who do not find energy efficiency high on their priority list will experience higher electric bills, water bills, and heating and cooling bills than that of a home that is energy efficient.

There are many elements combined that make for an energy efficient home.

• Walls. Although many builders use wood for the framing of the inside and outside walls, there are other methods used that are just as energy efficient. One of the methods is insulating concrete forms, where there are two layers of foam board and it is reinforced with a concrete center.

• Insulation. Well insulated walls around the home can be the make it or break it for heating and cooling costs. For areas around household items that put off heat, having the right amount of insulation can mean using those heat sources as a means to heat the home and lower the cost of heating by a unit.

• Windows. Did you know that over 25% of heat in a normal home is lost through the windows? Having the proper windows that help insulate the home will create lower costs on heating and cooling bills as well as keep the right temperature inside the home all year round.

• Systems. Heating and cooling systems are very important. Most home builders will not be responsible for picking out the type of unit to go in the home. Therefore it’s up to the owners. Before purchasing any system to be placed in the home, ask about the energy efficiency of them and to compare against other units offered. Normally, homes that are energy efficient will require smaller units.

This list only covers a few of the elements to building an energy efficient home. There are many codes and regulations that must be met when having a home built. Energy efficiency in your new visionary home will be higher than these codes and standards. Due to these homes costing less money to operate throughout the year, many of the local lenders will offer Energy-Efficient Mortgages, meaning lower points and a stretched debt-to-income ratio.

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