Spring Cleaning Series: 4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Bedroom

Spring Cleaning Series: 4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Bedroom

April 29, 2022

It's that time of year again, the time you go through every inch of your home, even your garage to donate, get rid of, and organize everything you own. Welcome to spring cleaning season! We're helping you simplify the process so that it's not overwhelming by providing a few cleaning tips for the main rooms of your home, from your kitchen to your bedroom and bathroom, in our spring cleaning series. Whether you decide to focus on one room each week or tackle it all in a day, consider these spring cleaning tips for getting your home to look exceptionally clean and organized. 

Continuing with our spring cleaning series, today, we're covering a few cleaning tips for your bedroom. We designed this series to tackle the main areas of your home one by one so that you aren't overwhelmed by cleaning your entire home in a day or two and having to drop everything else to the side which isn't realistic. We've simplified the spring cleaning process to a few rooms for this reason. Your bedroom should be the most relaxing room of the home so you can feel at peace and fall asleep faster.  This is the second room of your home you should focus on when it comes to taking on spring cleaning. After following along with these few cleaning tips, you'll notice how much of a difference it makes to your bedroom in just having a few more things organized and cleaned. 

1 Closet Organization 

Cleaning out your closet has a significant impact on how organized your room may feel, even though it's usually an extension of your bedroom. This is a spot in your room that tends to be the most cluttered with your collections of clothes, shoes, and various personal items that take up space. SLC Professional Organizer, Britnee Tannershared with us as a guest writer to our blog, 3 Ways to Uplevel your Closet Organization, that will help you get started on organizing your closet and only keep the items you really need and use. As a preview of her post, one of the three ways to uplevel your closet is to edit your wardrobe to free up space by pulling out everything you own and deciding to keep or donate what you do and don't wear. We recognize this task is on the more time-consuming side, but is completely worth it. This is an effective approach to getting rid of what is taking up unnecessary space in your closet. 


2 Closet Decluttering Tip

The next tip is from @neat.caroline on Tik Tok, pro organizer in NYC, which correlates with the previous tip for editing your wardrobe. She recommends keeping a basket at the bottom of your closet for putting the clothes you no longer feel good in into after wearing them. Once the basket is collecting up a bunch of clothes, you can decide whether or not to donate them, throw them away, or organize a clothing swap with friends. Over time, this will also edit out your wardrobe to only have the clothes you truly enjoy wearing and need in your closet taking up space. We love this tip because it considers how organizing your closet is a process and is constantly changing with your lifestyle instead of just a one-time reorganizing session. 


3 Cleaning Your TV

The next cleaning tip for spring we recommend is to clean your TV. It's such a simple cleaning task but easy to overlook. We don't know about you, but this wasn't even on our spring cleaning checklist in the past that we ever thought about, but luckily we were reminded of it by Stephanie Booth via Tik Tok @stephanieboothrealtor. Once it's done, you'll notice how much better it is to watch TV with it being clean and dust-free for a while. Stephanie quickly explains the dos and don'ts when it comes to cleaning your own TV in your bedroom. It only takes a microfiber towel and misting it with distilled water. Who knew cleaning your TV was this easy? After you clean your TV, you'll be grateful you checked the cleaning task off your checklist! 


4 Bedding Refresh

Another easy spring cleaning tip to your bedroom is either swapping out your bedding with new ones or switching your bedding with lighter fabrics you have tucked away in your hallway closet for the warmer seasons. Put away your thick winter blankets and comforter in storage for next year. A bedding refresh can do wonders to elevate and freshen up your bedroom space. New sheets, a quilt, or a comforter in brighter or neutral shades of color can bring in the feeling of springtime to your space. If you already have them, take them out of storage and remake your bed in just a few minutes. But, if you buy new, make sure to gently wash them before making the bed. You'll be surprised by how much of a difference bedding can make to your bedroom, welcoming spring to your sleeping space! 


Bonus Tip: Vacuum and Wipe Baseboards

A cleaning tip that is often forgotten is to vacuum and wipe down the baseboards in your home. As this post is related to your bedroom, you can start there and make your way throughout your home depending on the extra time you have delegated to getting things cleaned and organized in your bedroom. A post from HGTV on how to clean your baseboards recommends once you vacuum, wipe the baseboards with a mix of "warm water, liquid dish soap, and vinegar." Also seen often on Tik Tok, is to take a magic eraser to wipe down the baseboards in your home. We highly suggest using a magic eraser for baseboards as a magic eraser is super versatile for cleaning and does an excellent job in removing dirt and debris from tough spots on your baseboards, in your shower, on your walls, etc. Be careful and gently use the magic eraser on surfaces, as it can potentially take off paint if used too harshly. 


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