Styling Series: How to Style Your Living Room Similar to Our Woodland Model Home

Styling Series: How to Style Your Living Room Similar to Our Woodland Model Home

July 20, 2022

Welcome back to another addition to our Styling Series, where we feature similar furniture and decor pieces styled in our model homes. If you ever struggle to figure out what furniture or decor to add to your new living space or are looking for a bit of change to your current space, follow along with us on this series.

Our newest model home, The Woodland, in our Sunrise Ranch Community in Mapleton, was just featured in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes 2022, and we are excited to continue to share with you more details about this beautiful home! Starting with the living room, we've found similar decor items to the ones CopperHAUS used to style the space with a mid-century modern look. This design style has been trending for quite a while and we love how CopperHAUS recreated it to truly transforms this living space through the use of angles, textures, and colors. If you're looking to add a bit of a mid-century modern aesthetic to your living space, see below for similar items from this model home! 

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1. Velvet Round Arm Sleeper Couch - Wayfair | 2. Cheetah Print Throw Pillow - Society6 | 3. Floor Lamp - Urban Outfitters | 4. Mid Century Modern Accent Chair - Amazon | 5. Round Tray Coffee Table Set - Burke Decor | 6. Marble End Table - Anthropologie | 7. Modern White Leather Lounge Chair - Homary | 8. 3 Ceramic White Jug Vases - Overstock 

1. Velvet Round Arm Sleeper Couch - Wayfair 

A velvet couch is both comfortable and stylish. If you're wanting to exude a hip, modern look into your living room, you can't go wrong with velvet. It'll make a statement, while also providing a comfortable seat in the house. Choose a color you'd see yourself liking to your space and that'll complement everything else in the room. For example, if you're into a crushed violet color, find one in that color and make sure the other elements in the room coordinate well by remaining neutral so the couch can be the focal point. 

2. Cheetah Print Throw Pillow - Society6

Instead of only having plain pillows in a neutral shade, opt for adding in a few animal print ones into the mix. This can make your living room look and feel more updated so you can avoid having an outdated living space you'd rather not spend time in. Your living room should be one of the most welcoming spots in your house as you and your family spend most of your time in the space. Think of patterns and prints for pillows that you will love most.  

3. Floor Lamp - Urban Outfitters

A floor lamp that captures your attention with its unique design is a lamp that you're going to want to add to your space for added visual interest! If you feel as if your space could use a few new decor elements, consider a floor lamp. Not only will it add lighting to a corner of your space, but it'll bring in something special in design that'll complement the other furniture and decor in the space. 

4. Mid Century Modern Accent Chair - Amazon 

These styled chairs have been seen nearly everywhere, from model homes to people's homes and business spaces, and we're here for it! They create the perfect accessory to your living room with plenty of comfort, which a traditional accent chair may lack. We'd recommend choosing them in a neutral shade makes it easier to transition them into your space without having to swap out any other decor or furniture in your living room. 

5. Round Tray Coffee Table Set - Burke Decor

Need to update your living space to be a bit more modern? A classic, black coffee table in a round modern design will elevate your living space instantly. And what's better than one? A coffee table set of two, as they anchor the center of the living room and provide table space for more decor, books, remotes, and more. But keep in mind that you should try to keep the surfaces as simple as you can to avoid clutter. 

6. Marble End Table - Anthropologie 

If you have an armchair that looks a bit awkward on its own in the room, pair it with a side table with an intriguing appearance. This marble and gold end table does just the trick paired next to the armchair in our Woodland model living room, as it makes a fun addition to the space with a glam feel. 

7. Modern White Leather Lounge Chair - Homary 

More of an expense, but worth it to create a sense of luxury in your living room, find a leather lounge chair with incredible craftsmanship. This is definitely an optional item for your space, but if included, the chair will create a more sophisticated element for your home. It's both an art feature and a functional piece of furniture. 

8. 3 Ceramic White Jug Vases - Overstock 

If you've got open shelving in your living room, whether that's with built-in shelves or on your TV console, feature a few decor elements and keep things simple. If you don't have anything on them, it may look boring and plain, but if you have too much decor, it may look chaotic, so finding the perfect balance of decor items to your shelving is important. This vase set could make the ideal addition to a shelf in your living space. They're simple and white to complement the furniture in the home and don't draw too much attention so that the focal point of your living room can be your couch or fireplace. 

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